McFarland House - Rental Facilities


The rental facility exists to serve communities of people who seek to learn and grow in mind and body.




The facility will attract teachers and students who seek to live life fully, with the wholeness and ease of well-being. Leaders with a high level of professionalism, formal accreditation, and vision within their respective fields will be drawn to use the facilities for their teaching, practice, and gatherings.




Teachers and participants will reflect these values:


  • We are here to be of service to others
  • We do not cause harm to others
  • We demonstrate compassion and kindness
  • We are curious and seek to continuously learn and understand
  • We are patient and generous with our time and our knowledge
  • We are grateful

Rental Space and Equipment Features

Space and Equipment


Floor plan for rental facility (51k pdf)


Internet – an internet connection can be made available if required


Sound System – there are 3 in-wall speakers, a sub-woofer and two in-ceiling speakers at the back of the room. A receiver and CD player are on site. For any laptop-based presentation, you must bring your own laptop.


Heating/Air conditioning – In-floor heating is controlled within this area. The electric fireplace emits an additional source of warmth for those that desire, as well as adding a welcoming ambiance. Air conditioning is throughout the building.


Lighting – Three separate dimmers control the front and back of the room’s ceiling pot lights, and the wall sconces. Controls are located at both ends of the room so the presenter can self-regulate the desired amount of light.


Kitchen – The sink and counter is separate from a small kitchenette that contains a fridge, stove, counter and cupboard space.


Bathroom – a bathroom is located at the back of the room.



Rental Fees

Add GST to these rates:
Per hour $27.50
2 consecutive hours $35
Half-day – 4 hours $45
Full day – 8 hours $84
Monthly rate $1,500


Accessibility – as a heritage building, this facility is not wheelchair accessible. A West entry can be used that has only 8 stairs.


Parking – No on-site parking is available. Street parking is available for two hours at a time until 5 pm.


Security – Management assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. A place for small personal items will be available within the room.


Fire Protection – annual building inspections occur and a fire extinguisher is available in the room. The room was renovated to be up to code and additional fire-retardant insulation was placed in the ceiling as both a fire-retardant and noise barrier.


Policies and Procedures



  • All fees must be prepaid to rent the space
  • If you must cancel your booking of the space, a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given and a percentage of the rental free will be withheld to cover administrative costs.
  • Cellular phones must be turned off during class
  • Keep your valuables with or near you
  • For movement-based classes, advise the teacher of any changes in your physical status
  • Remove outdoor footwear at the door
  • All visitors are by appointment only

Yoga Class Protocol

  • Classes of up to 12 can be accommodated in the space
  • Class participants must clean the mats and other equipment after use

Facility Rental Protocol

  • All bookings must be made through the office and paid for in advance of the use of the facility.
  • All inquiries specific to the classes or programs offered should be directed to the individual teachers.

Insurance – facility renters must hold their own insurance and will provide a waiver of subrogation for the building owner. This prevents an insurer from attempting to seek restitution from the building owner on any claim.


Waivers – facility users are responsible for ensuring that course or class participants have filled out appropriate waivers to limit liability.